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Substance Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills

Substance Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills

At 90210 Recovery, we offer unexcelled substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills with high-end amenities, comfortable accommodations, and experienced clinical staff. At our Beverly Hills CA rehab center, we have helped hundreds of individuals attain sustainable sobriety with holistic treatments and therapies.

Effects of addiction 

Addiction to alcohol or other drugs can have severe implications on an individuals' career, relationships, reputation, and can severely compromise an individuals' immune system. Those struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol ignore commitments and responsibilities and start facing problems at school, work, and relationships. They absent themselves from family gatherings and other events without any proper explanation and appear to have a new set of friends. These sneaky behaviors slowly begin to cause monetary fluctuations, which grow in size gradually. Some people also suffer from lapses in concentration, memory problems, impaired or poor judgment, and mood swings.

Driving a car while under the influence of drugs is a serious offense in most states. DUI drivers can suffer license suspension, face hefty fines, and may even have to serve jail time. In the worst cases, you can overdose and lose your life. You must seek addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills from the best rehab center to escape the catastrophic consequences of addiction.

Join a substance abuse treatment program today!

While most individuals battling with substance abuse disorders think they can do it on their own, it hardly ever works. Individuals suffering from a moderate to severe level of addiction must undergo treatment at one of the best Beverly Hills alcohol use treatment centers to ensure a safe recovery. Trying to quit cold turkey can cause several painful and unpleasant side-effects, which can be fatal in some cases.

You need to undergo a medical detox by a trained and licensed physician to overcome the challenging withdrawal phase. Furthermore, rehab treatments try to determine the root cause of addiction and aim to rectify them using psychotherapies and counseling. Without addressing the underlying mental health issues, it can be impossible to attain comprehensive recovery.

The #1 Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center

We are a preeminent treatment facility with a wide range of amenities and comfortable accommodations. Here are the top three qualities that make us the #1 rehab center in Beverly Hills:

  • We offer highly effective psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, holistic therapy, etc., to help our recovering addicts embrace sobriety.
  • We specialize in treating dual diagnosis and create customized treatment plans to help our patients heal from their unique addiction conditions.
  • We have a whole array of bewilderingly luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, recreation room, spacious private suites, and offer sumptuous dining options to our patients.

Speak to our Beverly Hills alcohol use therapist today by calling us at 844-462-8571. At 90210 Recovery, we offer the best substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills with a compassionate staff team and highly rewarding therapies and programs. Visit our website today to get help before it's too late.

Substance Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills
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Substance Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills Substance Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills Substance Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills Substance Abuse Treatment Beverly Hills
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